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20500 E Arapahoe Rd, Aurora, CO
Grandview High School
1. From I-225 exit 4, south on Parker Rd (1.8 miles) to Quincy Ave.
(I-225, Parker Rd, and Quincy Ave not show on map)
2. East (left) on Quincy Ave (.3 miles) to Smoky Hill Rd.
3. Southeast (right) on Smoky Hill Rd (4.7 miles) to Liverpool St.
4. South (right) on Liverpool St (.9 miles) to Grandview High School.
5. Grandview High School is located at the SW corner of Arapahoe Rd & Liverpool St.

1. From I-25 exit 197, east Arapahoe Rd (7.2 miles) to Grandview High School.
2. Grandview High School is on the south side.
3. As you enter the school property from Arapahoe Rd, go right, to the east/south side of the school to get to the fields.
Field Layout
Grandview High School Field Layout Advertisement